Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

paleAll my life I have been that one really pale friend. The one who tans for hours and turns into a burnt lobster, where as my sister can lay out for maybe 30 minutes and look like a bronzed goddess. I’m sure many of you can relate, so today I am going to tell you how I personally (somewhat) mastered the art of sunless tanning.

First lets start out with some statistics on why sunless tanning is the way to go even if you do tan easily.

Did you know that laying out in the sun only ONE time increases your risk of skin cancer by 70%!!! That is a big number when you put it into perspective.

Every year more people develop skin cancer from tanning than lung cancer from smoking. YEAH.

Although it might seem that way, I’m not trying to scare you. I am just here to show you alternatives to feeling confidently tan without bringing harm to yourself. Trust me, you will thank yourself in the future when you aren’t aging as quickly as people who do lay out to get color.

Step 1- The Preparation

EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE. This is essential to getting a nice even coat of color. If you skip this step you will more than likely get an uneven tan and an orange color that will cling to the dry, rough patches on your skin. I’ve been there, not cute. There are plenty of recipes for exfoliaters on Pinterest you can make with ingredients that are just chillin’ in your pantry. If you are looking to spend  a little money on an exfoliater, Jergens has one specifically for priming and prepping your skin before self tanning.

Jergens Natural Glow Color Primer- $9.98

Tape the bottoms of your feet. Grab some painters tape from your toolbox and cover these babies- you want to avoid this area completely.

Apply Vaseline to your hands and lips to act as a barrier for the tanner.

Make sure you shave at least 6 hours before you self tan. If you shave right before you tan, your pores will be open potentially leaving you with tiny brown dots.

Last but not least, try to avoid deodorant. This will leave you with pale armpits and tan arms.

Step 2- The Tanning

It’s about time!!! You can use Mousse, spray, lotions… whatever you prefer. For me, lotion has always been the easiest. I bought a tanning mitten at Ulta and it has been my life saver. I apply a small amount of product onto the mitt and create circular motions focusing on one area. Then, when I feel like it has been rubbed in enough, I focus on a different area and add more product. Less is more when it comes to sunless tanning. You can always build up your tan if you aren’t happy with the results.

Kardashian Instant Self Tanner- $12.99

Tarte Brazilliance- $39.99

St. Tropez Self Tanning Mousse- $17.99

Self Tanning Mit- $6.00

Step 3- The Aftermath

Avoid white clothing and showering for up to 12 hours. Once the tan has fully developed, that is when you can shower and are free to enjoy your tan!

DISCLAIMER: If doing it yourself isn’t your thing, go out and try getting a spray tan and see how you feel! In no way should you tan because you feel obligated to. I know for me it makes me feel more confident and beautiful when I do, but always do what makes you feel best about yourself and embrace what God gave you!

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